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Pregnancy in Medical School

The demands of a career in medicine are well known. Physicians work long hours, go through rigorous training in residency, and have many competing demands on their time. Premed students often wonder how they’ll manage to balance their future personal and professional lives. A medical student at the University of Pennsylvania found herself at an unexpected crossroads when she encountered health problems that prompted her to make the decision to start a family while in school. She wrote about being pregnant in medical school in a recent issue of the New York Times. She was surprised that many in the profession supported her decision and that it turned out to be good timing. Premed students often express concerns about how and when they will weave a family into the mix. Some students are understandably concerned about this issue. But med students, residents, and practicing physicians figure out how to weave children into their busy lives and thrive.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting

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