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Expert Medical School Admission Consulting and Post-Bac Program Admission Consulting

My consulting service is straightforward and simple, with three options offered for medical school applicants.

Advising usually begins with a comprehensive conversation and strategy session regarding your background, past experiences, and future goals; I will ask questions and help identify the strengths and weaknesses in your medical school application. This conversation takes place after you fill out and submit the required Client Information Form. Without having this background knowledge I cannot comprehensively advise you, thus this strategy session is well worth the money invested.

Clients may forgo the initial strategy session if they simply want a review of the medical school personal statement or other services provided at the hourly rate (secondary applications, mock interviews, etc.). 

The above services are offered at the following rate:

Hourly:  $345

For clients who prefer comprehensive services, there are two package options:

Expert: $2500, includes the following, for either AMCAS, TMDSAS or AACOMAS:

  • Assessment of your credentials/background and in-depth strategy session;
  • Personal Statement discussion, insight, and reviews (3 drafts);
  • Activity Description reviews (3 drafts);
  • Thorough review of and help assembling a thoughtful and tactical list of medical schools. 

Premier: $7500

Comprehensive services with for one application service (AMCAS, TMDSAS, or AACOMAS). Includes:

  • Overall assessment with in-depth strategy advising;
  • Personal Statement discussion, insight and reviews (no draft limits);
  • Activity Description discussion, insight and reviews (no draft limits);
  • Thorough review of and help assembling a thoughtful and tactical list of medical schools;
  • Secondary application editing (two drafts) for up to 20 schools;
  • Mock interviews for both traditional and MMI interviews;
  • Continuing consultations throughout the medical school application process;
  • Help with letters of interest and/or intent;
  • Post-interview advice and thank you note reviews;
  • Waitlist advising;
  • School choice decision advising.

The Premier package fee for MD-PhD applicants is $8500 due to the additional essays in both the primary application and on secondary applications.

If you are applying to two application services (AMCAS and TMDSAS, for example) Premier clients have the option of paying a reduced fee of $3750 for comprehensive help with the additional application service (both primary and secondary applications).

Hourly fee: $345 per hour 

Expert package: $2500 

Premier package: $7500

Premier package (MD-PhD): $8500


For postbac program applicants I offer hourly advising at the above rate or a package, which includes:

  • Overall assessment of background, credentials, strengths & weaknesses, and strategy session;
  • List of appropriate programs to apply to considering the above;
  • Review of personal statement (2 drafts);
  • Review of experience descriptions (2 drafts);
  • Individual program essays (up to 5, 2 drafts each).

Postbaccalaureate Program Package:  $1650 

 In all cases, payment must be made before services are rendered.

If you wish, please call for a free 15-minute phone or Zoom conversation to ask questions about the advising process. This conversation will help you assess the services you may need and whether we might work well together. Please use the contact form to schedule a time to talk or to submit questions you have about the services offered, or call 410-292-5219.