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Top 10 Most Expensive Medical Schools

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Curious about which medical schools cost the most?  US News and World Report has come up with a list of the most expensive US medical schools, as follows:

1. Columbia = $66,257

2. University of Southern California  = $64,132

3. Case Western = $63,666

4. Dartmouth = $63,551

5. Northwestern = $63,470

6. Washington U, St. Louis = $63,230

7. Brown = $62,917

8. Harvard = $61,535

9. Tufts = $61,464

10. Duke = $61,032

Columbia has the dubious distinction of being the priciest medical school in the country. Of course, no public institutions are on this list since they typically cost thousands of dollars less than private institutions.

There’s no question that medical school is expensive but there are ways to defray the cost. Attending a public school in the state where you’re a resident is one of the best ways to control the cost of a medical education. You can also compare the list above to the least expensive medical schools and you can also read about merit scholarships for medical school. There are also medical school loan repayment/forgiveness programs in addition to the National Health Service Corps for those going into primary care. Medical schools also provide need-based aid for those who qualify. Work closely with the financial aid office at the schools where you apply to get comprehensive information about managing the cost of going to medical school.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting


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