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Post Bac Premedical Programs

As the former director of the Johns Hopkins and Goucher Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs, I have extensive knowledge regarding post-bac programs around the country. There are two kinds of post-bac programs, “career-changers” and “academic record-enhancers”.  “Career-changer” programs are for those who have not completed the required science courses for medical school admission. The “record-enhancer” programs are for people who need a boost in their credentials to gain admission to medical school.

For those seeking information about post-bac programs, start with the database of post-bac programs on the website of the Association of American Medical Colleges. It’s the go-to resource for any prospective post-bac student. Visiting each program’s website and getting a feel for the program’s structure, curriculum, size, advising resources, student:advisor ratio, and other important factors is also important for prospective students. You would, of course, also want to scrutinize programs’ track record of getting students into medical school.

I have written several articles and recorded a podcast on post-baccalaureate premedical students and programs. One article is titled, “Career-Changer Post-Bac Programs: The Ideal Applicant” and describes the components these programs seek in their applicants; those who are considering post-bac programs will likely find it helpful.

If you want personalized guidance as to your options amidst the various post-bac programs please reach out to me; I can provide comprehensive guidance for anyone considering that route to medical school.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting

Updated 10-23-19

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