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Acceptance Protocol: First Medical School Acceptances Issued on October 15th



October 15th is fast approaching! Why is this significant in the life cycle of a medical school applicant? Because it’s the first day that medical schools are allowed to issue acceptances. According to the “Application and Acceptance Protocols,” which are a set of guidelines for both medical school applicants and admissions officers, no acceptance can be issued prior to this date.

For medical school applicants who entered the application process early in the cycle (June) it’s entirely possible that this date could be the long awaited one in which they get their first acceptance to medical school. Some schools, like the University of Michigan, issue acceptances with great pomp and circumstance (the video that Michigan sends to accepted applicants is legendary!). No matter how or where the acceptance is issued, getting that first acceptance (or any acceptance) is incredibly exciting for applicants who have worked incredibly hard to get to that day.

Protocols for medical school applicants also set guidelines as to expectations and have dates to which applicants must adhere. Applicants should be aware of these rules prior to entering the application cycle. A different blog post goes into detail regarding these rules.

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting


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