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AMCAS Opens in May: Are You Ready?


The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) opens in early May for applicants to start working on their application. To get ready, watch this helpful video, released by the folks at AMCAS. As you begin the application process, be sure to do these key tasks at the outset:

1. Order your transcript(s). When the AMCAS application opens in May, enter your biographical and school data, and generate a Transcript Request Form for each university or college attended. Give or send it to each school’s registrar’s office and request to have your transcript sent directly to AMCAS. Transcript problems cause the biggest delays in the processing of the application; take care of this early to be sure no problems arise.

2. Take care of letters. By now you hopefully know which letters you’ll gather for your application. Enter the letter information into the application and print a Letter Request Form for each person writing a letter on your behalf. The letter writers will need to enter two numbers on your letter:  the AAMC ID and Letter ID. This helps AMCAS track your letter when it’s uploaded. If your letter writers are uploading their letters to AMCAS themselves (and not sending them to your premedical advising office) they will need these ID numbers to upload your letter. If you’re using Interfolio you will have the letter writers submit the letters there, then you will designate that they be sent to AMCAS.

3. Finalize your personal statement and activity descriptions. These are the heart and soul of the AMCAS application. Have them ready to go by May so that you can simply enter them into the application when it opens. If you need guidance on the personal statement of activity descriptions please refer to my other blog posts on these topics or feel free to contact me for help.

4. Review the Applicant Guide so that you understand the different components of the AMCAS application.

If you have questions about the AMCAS application send me an email at

–Liza Thompson, Expert Medical School Admissions Consulting

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